Saturday, May 4, 2019

Mercato Moments: Goddess Girls

It makes my heart happy when sweet souls find their
perfect pretty in my booth @  Little Italy Mercato

 Goddess Friendship Cuffs♡

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Mama & Me Beach Date

"I wear this necklace every day.  
When I'm apart from Lula it's a sweet reminder that she is always with me."
- Katy


When one of my besties had her first baby I created a forever necklace for her
in hopes it would be passed on to her sweet lil' Lula one day.
 "I am always with you. Be brave. Have courage and love life".
I knew how much she would love this.   I added a star made of moonstone symbolizing new beginnings and for the final touch a personalized charm that my jewelry stamper and dear friend,
Leah made, that says Lu.  

Each year at this time, I am reminded of the beauty of motherhood.  Wanting to share this unique piece with all, I did a beach shoot with my two favorite girls. Collecting images of that first special necklace and creating auntie memories was so fun!  

Wear this necklace as a reminder that you are always with them and they are always with you.  
The perfect Mother's Day gift to yourself, for your mom, your sister, a friend... 
 Click HERE to shop the Mama & Me necklace.

XO, Lori

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Mandala Magic

What is magical about a mandala?  
The completeness you will feel during and after making one of your own is so magical.✨  
It is a subconscious healing, and stress-relieving activity in which you can 
become in touch with yourself.  
Through the process you may find your innermost desires through the journey of self discovery.   

The Mandala Magic workshop coming soon on May 5th, will be be taught by my friend, soul-sister and amazing artist Sarah Gardner, aka  JuicyS*.  She will gently guide you through making your own soulful mandala.  Bring your mama, your daughter, your sister or your friend.  We will join together our good energies and spiritually connect with one another and ourselves to
create our very own mandala magic.

To register now and learn more click here!

Monday, March 25, 2019

Spirit of Spring Happy Hour

What a fabulous evening at the Spirit of Spring Happy Hour in the garden. The rain let up just in time.  It turned out to be a perfect time for sharing seedlings from my Spirit of Spring Collection and other blooming fashions. 

We enjoyed essential oil enhanced, yummy appetizers and sparkling botanical cocktails๐ŸŒท. There was also a cocktail garnishing contest.  YAYYYY!!!  Here are my concocted recipes for you to enjoy along with some great pics of the creative garnishing!

Cosmic Lavender Garden๐Ÿ’œ

 Lavender Infused Vodka
Sparkling Water
Organic Lemonade
With a garnish of Lavender and Lemon


Organic Blood Orange Juice

With a mint garnish

Thank you to those of you who came by.  I always appreciate you๐Ÿ’–.
Stay tuned for my next event and the launch of this new Spring Collection.  Lots of Turquoise... grounding, friendship, joy, calming, loyalty...
spring vibes!!!

XO, Lori
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