Monday, November 25, 2019

Giving with Ease

Shopping for the perfect gift doesn’t have to be stressful.  Adopt one of these four philosophies to guide your way this holiday season:

1. Buy what you’d love to receive.

Your friends and family love and admire you, right?  So, chances are, they’ll also love what you love. Plus, you have such impeccable taste.  It’s hard to go wrong here.  So, maybe you'd like to get in on our offer to "Buy one, Get one 25% off" check out the HAPPY HOOP CLUB.

2.  Buy them something they would never buy themselves.

We all do it—talk ourselves out of things we love because they might be too frivolous or impractical.  But a little splurge goes a long way. Surprise your loved ones with an exquisite treat.  Like one of these RINGS!

3.  Don’t be a mind reader.  Get a list.

For all you practical Penelopes out there.  Ask your loved ones for a list and you’ll be sure to fulfill their wishes.  Our website offers a Wish List feature that can be emailed!

4.  Trust your heart.

Sometimes, a gift idea, piece of jewelry, or article of clothing just jumps out at you as the perfect gift for a specific person.  That’s the universe giving you clues about what will bring joy to the people you love.  Our Soulful Giving Collection just might have the perfect thing!

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