Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Keep out! Stay in!

Just roaming around an old shack shooting looks for some new jewels a while ago.  I had no idea then that “Stay in” would become the mantra for our current times. 

And here I am, standing by a “Keep out” notice, the literal exact opposite term. It just makes me think, so many things are the exact opposite right now, like some sort of bizarro world.

Every day, we’re being asked to renegotiate boundaries with friends, family, strangers and, maybe most surprisingly, ourselves. The normal social cue of safety in numbers has been turned entirely upside down.  The places we usually seek comfort—the beach, the arms of a dear friend, a parent—are now off-limits.
More and more, I find that returning to who I am—making jewelry, finding meditative moments, planting in the garden—is helping me discover order in my world. I try to share what I’m learning with my friends and followers.  Many people have written to tell me how much they appreciate my emails.  And that makes me feel good because that is what I set out to do—to not only sell a piece of jewelry, but also to communicate calm and comfort to everyone who opens the email and follows the link.  I’ve always made jewelry with meaning; to make marketing with meaning is a new step for me. But it also feels very right.

It’s amazing that at a time of worldwide contraction, I can still experience a sense of expansion of my own soul. This is what I wish for you: That in the midst of all this uncertainty, you find a way to expand.  To push the boundaries of who you are. To become more you.

I’ve titled my new collection Earth, Rain & Shine because the earth thrives on both rain AND shine, and so do we.  Here’s to our ever-developing ability to embrace all that we are offered and thrive, rain and shine.

With Love,

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  1. That is exactly how I have been feeling - so beautifully written!! Thank you Lori - missing you and know that when we connect again we will be a better version of ourselves from all of we have been through!


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