Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Pretty Little Lily

Well I don't know what happened to summer.  It was here.  Then it was gone.  After letting our best little dog Lily go in June, life just seemed to stop.  It took all that I had to make my routine with out her be OK.  Looking around for her, wondering if she was happy, sleeping on the couch while I worked away in the studio, then remembering.  The heart ache still comes on strong and tears flow without warning. But life continues on.  The memories of her beautiful life are filling my heart and I am grateful that I was her momma.  Her loving soul is still with us and we will always cherish the almost 16 years we had to care for her, play with her and love her.  Thank you sweet doggie, you gave us so much joy.  You'll forever be our pretty little Lily.  


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