Friday, September 7, 2012

Blessing from the Beach

Leah is a dear friend from way back when. She offers her stamped "words to live by" each week at the Little Italy Mercato, in San Diego, and collaborates with LilyGirl to keep the jewelry fresh. 
We love her energy and her spirit! 
These sterling silver disks used for Leah's Protection Amulets are blessed by the same 4 elements recognized in all major religions of the world. They are held over the campfire in our backyard to evoke our desires, rubbed in the earth to give us stability, dipped in the healing water at Beacons beach to stabilize emotions and blown in the ocean breezes to clear our thoughts of negativity.
Here's  just a little glimpse at the love & energy that goes into each amulet she stamps! Enjoy!!! xoxo

Artist and beautiful soul Leah, hangin' in her Leucadia home. xoxo

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