Friday, September 28, 2012

DIY: Fun Flags


A Divine Spirit Friday creation!
1.  Gather up a couple rad art chicks that have sewing machines. 
They love carrying them around all styled out in their sleek cases.
They are bound to have some fabric swatches too!
2.  Stamp, paint and decorate a plain piece of fabric with a letter or word.
3.  Cut to desired size using pink pinking sheers, please.
4.  Ensure your wine glass and beer bottle are full
and on the table with the sewing machines at all times, they will play a vital roll.
5.  Lay the letters/word and sew onto pattern swatches.
6.  Sew swatches onto a long piece of thin fabric to create a banner, or single flag.
7.  Have fun, enjoy the process.  
It's all about the collaboration and the moment you share
with friends doing something you love!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Moment of the Week

 This beauty flew into our home with the summer breeze and fluttered around a bit
before Lily got wind of her.  I grabbed my camera so fast and started shooting. 
This was the last shot.  
After prancing about and looking all around, she finally found her new winged friend! 
By the way, Lily is blind, but still has the character and sweetness of any dog we've ever known. 
She brings us so much joy.  This moment was truly magical for me.  And I think it was for Lily too!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dancing Arrows

Earlier this year I started making some art-piece necklaces using a mix of leather, mom's crochet, silk ribbon, stones, brass beads, wire and crystals.  One at a time, I sat down not knowing the end result until the end came!  Just being in the moment, designing each part, one step at a time.  Late in the afternoon with a glass of wine, or in the early morning light with Lily looking on.  Some simple, some full of life.  No drawings or pre-conceived design idea.  It has been so rewarding to sell these one-of-a-kind "dancing arrow necklaces" to those of you who are drawn to them!  It's become something I crave, and dream about.  What will the next one look like?

Friday, September 7, 2012

Blessing from the Beach

Leah is a dear friend from way back when. She offers her stamped "words to live by" each week at the Little Italy Mercato, in San Diego, and collaborates with LilyGirl to keep the jewelry fresh. 
We love her energy and her spirit! 
These sterling silver disks used for Leah's Protection Amulets are blessed by the same 4 elements recognized in all major religions of the world. They are held over the campfire in our backyard to evoke our desires, rubbed in the earth to give us stability, dipped in the healing water at Beacons beach to stabilize emotions and blown in the ocean breezes to clear our thoughts of negativity.
Here's  just a little glimpse at the love & energy that goes into each amulet she stamps! Enjoy!!! xoxo

Artist and beautiful soul Leah, hangin' in her Leucadia home. xoxo

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Waiting in the Wings

Lots of new materials to work with...turquoise, agate, quartz and more. 
Just waiting to be loved and transformed into beautiful jewelry!  We better get busy.
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