Friday, January 29, 2010

A special gift for the Little LilyGirl!

Do you like to surprise your sweet little girl on Valentine's Day?  We've added a section called Little LilyGirl, and I've pulled out the perfect gift for the upcoming love holiday.  

The Flying Heart Necklace...
Sterling heart with wings measures just under an inch across. Choose the red Swarovski crystal for V-day or select her own birthstone and we will add it on our delicate sterling chain as an extra lovely delight!
See more here.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Below is a message from my friend Kamie, who runs the cutest little love shack (boutique) called
It's a Luv Thing in Leucadia, California.  Here she shares her passion for spreading and giving LOVE. 
Stay tuned, there is more to come...LilyGirl will be offering up an exclusive Rainbow Wrist Wrap, offering Hope for a better Haiti to join in Kamie's kind efforts.

In an effort to focus some good positive energy and send some love from our community to Haiti, I have, along with some amazing friends put together a campaign to help the children of Haiti.

As many of you know, I opened this store over 4-years ago with the intention of taking on projects to raise money for children's charities. Raising money was part of my healing process after going through a very rough 3-years of cancer treatment with my own child - my heart was raw with emotion and the need to help others was in the forefront of my daily thoughts.

As all of you know, the island of Haiti was recently struck by a devastating earthquake leaving thousands of children orphaned. Abandoned, hurt and alone, these children need help, and once again my mind went to work. How can Leucadia send love?

In conjunction with the non-profit organization Kids for Peace, I am proud to announce the Leucadia Sends Luv program.

Over the next few weeks I invite you to stop by my store and purchase a limited edition Leucadia Sends Luv t-shirt. Using my iconic It’s a Luv Thing heart in various colors, I have designed specialty t-shirts and tank tops for women, children and yes, even men! Each t-shirt is $22 with the proceeds going to Kids for Peace.

Kids for Peace has people ready to build a new and much needed orphanage in Haiti. Additionally, the organization is also set out to put together valuable “peace packs” (a special care package filled with supplies, toys and love put together by the Kids for Peace kids). And we are asking for your support to help them bring as much love as possible to the children of this disaster.

This Valentine’s Day, wear your heart proudly by purchasing a t-shirt for yourself, or someone you love, and passing on the message of love and support. From Leucadia and from your heart…Additionally we are in the process of building a Leacadia send luv website as well as a special event planned for February 19th.

Coming soon, buy online at:

Share the luv. Spread the luv. Give the luv.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Annual Clearance Sale!

Well, it's your favorite time of the year!  The holidays are finally over, life's slowing back down (unless you're still catching up), and it's our BIG SALE!

You've got three chances to save 50-75% ...
so don't miss out!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Who You Callin Jewelry Junkie?

I don't know, how did I get this much jewelry?  It's pouring out every drawer, cupboard, box, bowl and basket I own!  Really.  How did I aquire it all?  I have a goal to get it organized so I can carefully select which exact piece or ensemble will coordinate with my daily look!  How?  I know when I sit down with a glass of wine to tackle this monster I will go down a very emotionally drawn out memory lane of girls getaways, special occasions, thrift shop and garage sale tripping, and probably end up puting it all back in neatly organized piles and be done!  Oh well, I'll let you know how I do. 

Does everybody have a tray like this?

or a wall they just nailed into for a handy bracelet holder?

A candle holder atop your dresser to keep your beloved earrings visible?

and the ring situation?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year, New You

Um... did anyone else notice that it's already JANUARY 12TH?  Some of our friends have been commenting that this might be a record late start for that love-hate relationship with those things we call "new years resolutions".

Did you make any this year?  Have you started yet?  Have you already forgotten?  Or are you one of the few who are actually on task?  To all of you out there, GOOD JOB.

I don't need to tell you (but I'm going to anyway) that my dear friend Heidi made a resolution to be more patient on our lovely freeways of San Diego.  I also don't need to tell you, that while on the phone explaining this to me, our conversation was cut short by her abrupt need to yell at an obviously slow car in the fast lane.  I mean, who goes the speed limit in the fast lane anyway??  Oh dear friends, can we ever be at peace with ourselves?

Speaking of being at peace with oneself... I did want to mention that our PEACEVILLE section of jewelry is indeed on sale, so check it out and see if it evokes any emotions to help you in your journey to your new years resolutions, whatever they may be.  Heidi, I hope you are reading this.

Happy New Year, everyone.
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