Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Curate Your Life - Vision Board DIY

Vision boards need not be about extreme goal setting, lofty ideas or grandiose dreams that seem unreachable.  They can be artful expressions from your heart.  So just gather up some magazines, books or old journals.  A poster board from the 99 cent store will do.  Grab the glue stick and the scissors, maybe even a glass of vino.  Invite a few gals over and Curate Your Life!  Here's how:

Pull Images
Words, phrases, patterns, nature scenes, animals...
Anything you love the look of, that SPARKS JOY!  
Get in touch with how it makes you feel
and if that’s something you desire this year~ pull it!!!

Gather Lots
Enjoy the intuitive process of playing off your
immediate reaction to what you are seeing!
Don’t worry about the size, shape or how you cut the image.

Loosely Layout
Arrange the images until you get the composition
that looks good to your eye... feels balanced.  
Cut, trim, rip papers to fit.

Layer, Layer, Layer
Fill in all the white areas with paint, stamps, stickers,
glitter, feathers, fabric, jewels.

YOU HAVE curated a collection of your own vision,
dreams, desires, inspiration, and LOVE for 2019 and beyond!  
Best wishes, peace and happiness to you.   
XO, Lori

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