Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What is Good Juju

When talking about what I'd do for a Holiday collection this year, my mom suggested I create something "feel good".  ("because that's what most of your jewelry is", she said.)  And when I shared with my friend Kamie some of the little trinkets I started making using karma circles, spiritual deities and such, she called them "talismans".  And when looking up the word talismans, 
I arrived at the word JUJU.  I love this word!

Juju has it's origins in West African religions, with "magic" inherent in it's meaning.   And what made it even more attractive to me is the Urban Dictionary calls it "the gypsy word for luck."  It's also a word for "energy" or "a vibe".  All of which sparked a certain energized feeling in me.  The essence of my living is about creating good juju for people to have, to feel, to love or to give.  So I did it!  Take a look at the NEW Good Juju Collection, now online and let me send some your way.  
XO, Lori

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

California Vibes


A few of my favorite fall looks loaded up on this bohemian girl.  
Back yard dancing and chilling here one afternoon made me realize how much
I love my home and my friends.  
Beautiful and always willing to help show off the jewels I've created.   
See all of my Fall Favorites here.
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