Thursday, July 17, 2014

DIY: Wire Photo Stands

I recently hosted a big bash for my husbands 50th birthday party and decided to make my own 
photo stands to fill the tables with history and provoke funny stories and conversations.  
These were simple, functional, practically free, and great party favors for many guests.  
Here's what you need:
1.  Rebar Tie Wire, (from Home Depot, less than $5)
2.  Needle nose pliers, (the kind with a cutter)
3.  Rocks from the beach, preferably, flat bottomed
4.  Fun photos

The wire is easier to work with if it's straight.  So first (oops, one more thing you need)
wrap the wire around some sort of steel rod.  I just rummaged around the garage to find this one.
Then secure it to something that is permanently fixed to the ground, and walk out a few feet.
Give it a strong tug and cut it into 15"-30" lengths.
Wrap the wire like a present around the rock, bring up and twist the two pieces together.  
You can twist more to make taller and leave some short to have varying heights.

Then loop, twist some more, and curl away!  There is really no specific design you need to follow, 
just be free and make sure there are places for the photo to sit in.

Line them up on a table for a dinner party, or scatter them around side tables for great ice breakers.  
Have fun and happy twisting!  XO, Lori

Monday, July 14, 2014

Studio Snapshots

Monday's are dedicated to getting all the yucky admin work done around here.
But with my studio in my back yard and these lovely summer days,
I've been posting up on the deck.  
What better way to make the office a retreat!
Below is what the back area used to look like!  Before my husband got after it and created my 
dream studio and beautiful garden.  I tell him everyday how much I love him :)  
Enjoy the rest of these snapshots that were taken as things took shape.

I'll show you around the inside next week!
Bye for now, Lori

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