Monday, June 23, 2014

Mercato Moment: Nail Style

I've been experimenting with all sorts of nail color combos and this is one of my favorites!  I usually like to have a pattern, like, aqua, coral, aqua, aqua, coral, and repeat (going from left pinky to right pinky).  Then it has some sort of designed look.  Then I throw in a little glitter, you know, the party nail!  How do you style your nails?

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Garden Party Style

If we could, we'd have a Garden Party every weekend!  We are so grateful for where we live 
and the weather we've been having.  I tell ya, the garden is spectacular 
when it's full of beautiful gals and sparkling jewelry!
We had Pink Lilies (champagne, grapefruit, splash of cran and a raspberry garnish...yum!), raffle drawings, delicious salads, thank you Montana's, and cupcake delights from Sweet 101.  The great sale prices and huge selection made shopping for LilyGirl Jewelry in the garden, that much better.
And the Photo Booth was a hit!  Thank you to everyone for coming.
We couldn't have celebrated 10 Years of LilyGirl in such style without you!  XO, Lori and Lily

Monday, June 16, 2014

Bowie X James Love

I was recently thrilled to find out about the launch of this new bikini line for babes!  If I was a little one, I'd want to be running around on the beach in one of these mismatched bikinis for sure.  The collection was inspired by these two, Bowie and James.  Their moms, Karin and Chandra, got together and created this unique and unexpected line to reflect the Southern California beach lifestyle that they both grew up loving.  I just couldn't help but imagine some of the LilyGirl looks on these darlings, so when Karin and I got together, it was easy to make her visions of delicate chains, and wire hearts come to life.  The collection will soon be on LilyGirl's website, but it can be previewed at the upcoming launch of Bowie X James this Saturday, June 21st, (see below for details).  The girls will wear the heartfelt necklaces on the runway, and we'll be offering this fun collection of jewelry for sale too!  And don't worry moms, we've got you covered with some special things just for you! 

Head over to Bowie James Facebook Page to see more!
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