Monday, May 19, 2014

In the Gypsy Garden

When shooting this collection we explored a colorful garden rich with exotic plants and blooms.  Our latest muse, Monica Summa, captures the look with a sexy and playful style that is signature LilyGirl.   With Sarah Gardner on makeup and Leah Austin assisting with styling, I was able to capture the photos in this beautiful gypsy garden.  A garden that I am fortunate enough to hang out in on a regular basis by the way!  My artist friend Donna Sasso lives here, and graciously prepped it for us to shoot the collection. 
Thank you all for helping create my vision!  xoxo, Lori

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Word To Your Mother

Since we are all celebrating moms this week, 
we thought we would let three moms we know tell us 
what they are thinking, hoping for, needing this Mothers' Day.  
We think all you moms out there hear what they are sayin'.  
Happy Mothers' Day to you, too!

I am so blessed.  Being mom to my 2 boys has been truly amazing.  I have one graduating high school and one finishing his second year in college.  With each passing phase of parenting, I say to myself, "these are the best years of my life".  Then the next phase passes and it's even better than the last!  My #1 pearl of wisdom to every new mom:  DO NOT BE LAZY.  It's easy to let them get away with stuff, it's not so easy to be firm and steadfast...but if you are, you will reap the benefits of respectful and obedient children that grow up to be amazing!!!  I must have done something very right, because both of my boys are kind, loving, polite, & confident.  If anyone asks my purpose in life or the reason I was put on this planet? My answer:   It was so I could give birth to them and have the honor of raising them.  Stan & Peter....they are the loves of my life.

What I want for Mother's Day, is a free day to spend time with my beautiful 3 year old daughter Olive. I mean, to be free from thinking about my inbox, my voicemails, the laundry, or cleaning out the fridge. I want to spend the day just enjoying my family and being in the moment, not letting the distractions of a modern woman get in the way of really listening to her with both ears and playing games with both of my hands.
The days are going by so fast, and in my exhaustion I often fall short in my efforts to give this undivided attention. However when I have the moments to soak up her little pearls of wisdom, I just smile and laugh and feel thankful I've been given the opportunity to experience something so indescribable. With this unending love comes the challenge of unending fear as well, in which I just have to breathe in and out and remember every day is a gift.


I feel very lucky to be a mom...most of the time.  My kids (Tess, 12 and Harry 10), tell me everyday, "You're the best mom, ever!"  I don't know what that means, but I think they are trying to tell me how much they love me and appreciate me.  So, Mother's Day isn't that much different than any other day, and for that I am grateful.  Moms know, it's a lot of hard work raising good kids.  I feel like so much of myself is invested in them, sometimes it takes a lot just to get back to myself.  I have to stop and make an effort to do this, and it may not happen as often as it should.  I realize, no one is going to stop me and tell me I need some "me time."  I have to make it for myself.  So, maybe Mother's Day this year is going to be a day that I take to get back to myself, invest in myself, enjoy myself.  Then I'll be ready to get back to work raising good kids.

{photo by Mccabe Russell}

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