Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Glamming up Dead

Divine Spirit Friday got a little scary last week!  Our weekly art-date turned into a face painting Day of the Dead tribute.  More about this Mexican custom of celebrating the dead is coming soon, when we unveil the colorful altars we made using cigar boxes, lots of glitter and our favorite death photo.
Happy Halloween.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy Stacking

Stacking is somewhat of an art form!  You may already have the beginnings of your collection in an old jewelry box.  A watch, a few bangles, a cuff, or a friendship bracelet or two?  Just remember to include several textures to obtain a good balance.  Metal, chain, leather, ribbon, crochet and beaded. Two, three or up to five pieces will do. To steer clear of a gypsy look, (which is sometimes desired!) try not to load up both arms.  When stacking several bracelets on one arm, do a statement cuff or watch on the other. 
Include some with dangley charms or beads, and voila! 
SHOP NOW for our collection of Wrist Wraps & Bracelets and get some inspiration.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

To Be Beautiful

Meet Amy!
She makes our skin beautiful...

"I get asked all the time what kind of makeup I wear
and when I say none, their mouths drop!
And at 47, I get regular compliments on how beautiful
my skin looks, I owe it all to Amy" -Carol Warren 
"My skin was dehydrated and tired looking. 
Amy put me on a regimine that brought my skin back to life." -Katie Bahr
"Not only does Amy have an amazing touch, but her products and
state-of-the-art machines make my skin glow everytime." -Tracy Wilson
Our special guest for Divine Spirit's 3rd Jewelry Party and Sale...Amy Anderson!
Join us for
Pumpkin Peels and Jewelry Deals
Friday, October 19
1701 Glasgow Ave
Cardiff, CA

Amy will be there offering her incredible Pumpkin Peels for only $25.
First come first served, so come and enjoy her magic touch for smooth and radiant skin.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wrist Armour

Collaborated with Mom.
Got every single piece of leather out.
Crocheted, wrapped, and crocheted some more.
Made a mess.
Created prototypes for a new collection.
Smiled when I realized this is what I do.

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