Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Broken Spirit

We had our best day ever at the Little Italy Mertcato on Christmas Eve.  We've been doing this market for over three years, every Saturday.  The day was beautiful, the people energetic and overall, cheerful.

My day was filled with joy as I met new and repeat customers wanting to buy "LilyGirl" for Christmas gifts.  I can't count how many times I came around to the front of the table to offer a hug and greeting to those familiar faces.  I heard countless times about how their favorite earrings were one's I had made.  My sister Denise, and friend Leah were there with me, selling, helping restock, and showing off our latest collections.  The market closed at 1:30 officially, but we had a line and sold till after 2:00. 

Celebrating our accomplishments with our neighbors and market friends, we busily packed up and headed home to start our own Christmas Eve in our homes with family.  Only one stop, the grocery store, to pick up one last gift.  In and out I was, and then home to a beautiful house, filled with sparkle and the buzz of the neighborhood kids running the streets with anticipation.  Ahhhhhh, feels so good.

To dinner next door, to bed early, and up celebrating Christmas Day.  Parents came over and we had a lovely brunch, opened presents and as usual, a perfect day in Cardiff.  As everyone was leaving, I decided I should pay my mom the money she made Christmas Eve at the Mercato.  We sold many of her hand-crocheted headbands.  To the office, where I keep my admin box, not there.  Hmmm, to the car, I didn't take it out yet?  Not there.  Panic.  Where is it?  Back to the house, searching frantically, then back to the car, nope.  Gone.

How could this happen?  Retrace my footsteps...Vons.  Did I not lock the car?  Of course I did.  But maybe not?  Could it have been taken out of my car in my own driveway on my charming and private little street?  No way.  I can't believe it, I can't believe it, I just kept repeating.  In denial for many hours, I kept looking back in the car.  By now I couldn't stop my tears, my stomach ache, my heart ache.  And now, it's Christmas Day, in the afternoon hour, the time when our house is glowing with sunshine and we should be relaxing and enjoying the rest of this holiday.

It's gone.  All that cash, our credit card machine, my camera, video camera, tools and all my admin supplies.  It's gone.  And for many days now, my spirit has been gone too.  Or maybe it's just broken, and it can be mended.  Yes, it's only money, no one got hurt, all these things can be replaced.  Thank goodness.  But my spirit has been deflated and need to get it back! 

I am writing this as a way to move on.  A way to get it off my chest.  I'm not sure about forgiving the person who did this.  I can't go there yet.  But I hope I can stop the pains that I still have when I think about someone stealing from us.  I hope I can fill my heart with all the love and remember the beautiful energy that surrounded that day.  I thank the people who gave me that spirit and thank them for loving what we do. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

DIY: Dream Catchers

Colorful and playful, these do-it-yourself
dream catchers
can fill an evening with artful joy! 
According to Native Americans, dreams we have are sent to us by sacred spirits.
The dream catcher acts as a filter for only good dreams!
The web traps the bad dreams and they disappear at dawn.
When you Google "dream catcher" you can see over 4 million images,
go ahead and get some inspiration
and let your free spirit create an original work of art!

You will need:  feathers. feathers. feathers.

Assorted pipe cleaners of all colors and sizes.


16 gauge craft or floral wire.

A pair of needle nose pliers.

Make a hoop with the wire and secure with two interlocking loops. 
Using the pipe cleaners, start making a web. 
Don't be too fussy with balance or symmetry...can you do that?
Remember be free!

I happen to have a blue and green theme going on.  But the next one i make will be multi-colored. 
You know pipe cleaners also make super cute garland...(sorry, got a little distracted)

Back to the task at hand.

Keep webbing, until you are satisfied that your bad dreams will be trapped successfully.  :)

Now it's time for the feathers.
Watch out, once the feather bag is opened, little floaty feather whispies, fly every where.
Attach a pipe cleaner to the center of the base of the circle like so. 
Then wrap it around the feathers, no pliers needed!

And...done!  Oh ya, I used the yarn to hang it from, but you can also web with the yarn.
Have fun and keep dreaming...
xoxo Lori

Monday, December 19, 2011

Sparkly Things

Just give yourself a break and say ahhhhhh to these sparkly images I found on We Heart It.
Tis the season for pretty, glittery, things.  Enjoy.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's a Luv Thing Trunk Show

We are looking forward to this Thursday night! 
We'll be at It's a Luv Thing in Encinitas from 6-8pm for a special Holiday Trunk Show.
Lots of gifts ready to go and with nice prices! honor of our "Luv Thing Friends", we're giving away our best selling LOVE Necklace! 
You can enter the GIVEAWAY at It's a Luv Thing on Thursday night
 by mentioning this post.
We'll be picking the winner at the show!
You must be present to win.
We'll be showing our latest collections and celebrating the season.  Come by for some holiday cheer and pick up a gift or two from your local clothing boutique and jewelry girl, LilyGirl!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Crystal Angel Ornaments

The angels are back for their annual holiday blessings! I'm not quite sure how long ago I designed and began producing my original crystal angel ornaments. It feels atleast like 15 years ago! This year I have added a new version to the collection. Divine Spirit angels...they are adorned with fluffy bright feathers! So fun. They will range from $14-$16. The original version will still be available with a special pricing this year of $12 each or 2 for $20. 
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