Monday, October 31, 2011

DIY: Spirit Rocks


Simple DIY and so calming!  Just gather up smooth rocks from the beach, (this is the best part, it can take hours of beach combing) and use a white sharpie to write words that inspire you!  Give as gifts or place around your own home.  Brides take note!  How cute would it be to seat your guest at tables like "Forever", "Trust", "Bliss"?
Do it!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Friday, October 14, 2011

At Home with Divine Spirit

Open up your home and host a Divine Spirit Party!

Divine Spirit, expresses joy and positive energy through art, jewelry, and more.
Introducing...the Divine Spirit Home Party concept
where we bring a unique interactive art experience into your home.  
This quote expresses a Divine Spirit outlook!
"A large body of research shows that people who cultivate positive emotion generally deal much better with adversity.  Look for -and highlight- one small, good moment in your day. 
Joy and gratitude can help inoculate you against the paralyzing effects of anxiety."
 The Divine Spirit Home Party experience offers you and your friends
 the opportunity to awaken your joy!

At our ART PLAY TABLE, you will set an intention for something needed in your, gratitude, love, etc.  Then Sarah guides you, step by step, in creating a mini work of art expressing this intention.  It's a little art lesson using paint, stamps, stickers, crystals, and your own two hands.  For $7 you make a  beautiful mixed media art you will love.  It's yours to take home!

Susan said "I can't do that!" 
LOOK what she created!
Caroline said "I'm sooooo not the creative type!"
but...I think she might be, look at this beauty she created.

In a room full of beautiful women getting so excited over what they were making,
loving the process, enjoying each other and having fun.  This makes us happy.

Another aspect to our Divine Spirit Home Parties is the
ARTFUL EXPRESSIONS & pure love our Leah offers.
Sit down with her for a little chat and determine what you'd like her to paint!

She'll even take a cool picture of you for use however you'd like.
This fun sit down time just takes a few minutes and is donation based.
(the paint washes right off when you want)

And then there's the JEWELRY
LilyGirl's Simply Divine Collection uses feathers,
crystals, leather, healing stones and spirit charms.

The boxed sets come with meaningful quotes about the symbol
and are packaged with beautiful paper lids.

Lori's HOUSE BLESSINGS are a unique way to bring harmony, love,
soul and spirit into your own home. They range from $24-$48.
And yes, custom words can be ordered.

Just gather up the gals and we'll create
meaningful art pieces, share and celebrate each other, the beauty around us,
and shop for jewelry and art that holds energy and meaning.

We'll even provide the invitation,
and offer you free goods and discounted products for hosting!

We hope you will have us in your home
to share our passion of art, jewelry and friendship with a soulful flair! 
Sarah, Leah & Lori

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