Friday, August 27, 2010

Solana Beach Sunday

We're hittin' The Cedros Avenue Farmer's Market this Sunday!  Come see LilyGirl Jewelry and The Wheel's Stoneware as we launch this unique collaborative.  1pm-5pm, South Cedros Avenue.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

NEW Wood Tag Necklaces

Available online now, $38.  DREAM.  LOVE.  PEACE.  HOPE.  FAITH.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Sister

I am asked all the time..."What is it like to work with your sister?"   I sometimes can't believe my answer.  Great!  I love it!  We have lots of fun!  Denise always tells people that the happiest day in her young life was the day I was born.  How can I not LOVE her with all my heart?  Well, I do.  She is kind, she is thoughtful, she is caring and supportive.  She is my beautiful sister.

Working with her to create jewelry and this incredible business is so rewarding.  She's like an angel sitting next to me in the car..."be careful", "slow down", "ok turn here!"  Ya, I'm in the driver's seat, but if she wasn't there to grab the wheel sometimes I'm fearful I'd go right off the road! 

Denise, thank you for being such a loving sister and for loving me unconditionally.  I really do enjoy working with you and creating beautiful things together. 

Happy Birthday!  XO

PS  We're having a champagne jewelry making session today ok?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Mercato Moment: Smilin' Jack

The Accordion Sensation Smilin' Jack was our Mercato entertainment this past Saturday.  Wow.  This is just a moment...enjoy. 

Yes, he is available for private parties!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ocean Pearl Spa Night


A select line of LilyGirl Jewelry is now available at The Carlsbad Sheraton's, Ocean Pearl Spa.  We have been collaborating to bring a collection of ocean inspired jewelry to this beautiful and serene spa environment.  Our newest line, "Pretty Beachy", is being featured at the spa for a special trunk show tomorrow.
August 19th, 5-8pm 

This coincides with their monthly "Spa Happy Hour", where you can purchase mini-treatments for just $35 and enjoy complimentary appetizers, wine and cocktails.   Reservations are required, and there is limited space.  As of now, there are about a dozen spaces still available.  For more details, go to the Ocean Pearl Spa website, or just give them a call at 760-827-2700.

What a fun way to get together with a few of the girls for a night of relaxing spa-therapy, a little jewelry shopping, and a cocktail!

The "Pretty Beachy" Collection...will be available online soon.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Sale, Sale, Gone & Away

Thanks to our die-hard LilyGirl Groupies who showed their pretty faces at last night's Annual Summer Sale.

They were greeted with Pink Lily's and a chance at 15%-50% off with a jar drawing.

Wanda was lucky to win one of the raffles and Nadine pulled out the 50% off lucky ticket.

The coffee-table-jewelry-bar enticed our guests to custom create their own wrist wraps and hammered pendant necklaces.

And the featured collection "Pretty Beachy" was given a warm welcome and we were thrilled with the response. It's jewelry that has a shell component in every piece, available online soon.

See you next time! If you want to do a home party of your own, let us know.  You'll get some pretty good perks and have a good time too!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mercato Moment: LilyGirl goes to Switzerland

This is me and Silke. She adoringly shopped my jewelry table at the Little Italy Mercato on Saturday.

A Wrist Wrap and a Love Necklace are going home with her to Switzerland. 

Which Love Necklace would you pick?

Lower case or upper case "L"
Heart shaped "O" or regular
Gold or Sterling?

Friday, August 6, 2010

"I Think Best in Wire" - A.C.

Alexander Calder's Goldfish Bowl, 1929
My dear friend Jane introduced me to Alexander Calder more than 20 years ago. His work has has been a great inspiration to me. He developed a method of sculpting by bending and twisting wire and invented the mobile. His jewelry collection, which he never wanted to be mass produced, was a lifetime of work that he created mostly for family and friends.

The spiral is one of the oldest forms of ornament.  Very eternal.  This is a brass necklace by Calder, circa 1938.
Check out his wife's dressing table. Lucky woman. Calder created jewelry simply working on an anvil and a bench, no welds or solders.  He produced about 1,500 bracelets, necklaces, brooches, earrings, and tiaras throughout his career.
He liked making his pieces one-of-a-kind, by hand, and with affection.  And so do I.  An original copper necklace, made only with my hands, a pair of pliers, a hammer and some Calder inspiration.  I think best in wire too.     ~Lori                             

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

And the Winner is...

The winner of last week's $100 shopping spree surprise giveaway goes to... 
Commenter #93 – Mimi!

But listen, the rest of you left some great comments too, and you have not been forgotten. Check back on the contest post to see what you get for participating!

Annual Summer Clearance -August 12th

It's my favorite party of the year- the Annual Summer Clearance at my house in Cardiff!  I love creating a jewelry store in my living room and even into the back yard.

We serve up our signature summer cocktail "The Pink Lily" and I bake cupcakes (and pretty them up too)!  YUM.

Shopping the back yard bargain tables and havin fun is what this sale is all about!

Don't live around here?  No worries, we've got plenty of things in the works for you too! But if you are in the area, here are the details:

RSVP by commenting below or on our Facebook Page.  You'll get extra/credit/bonus/jewelry points for doing so!  We hope to see you.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mercato Moment: Happy Dogs

This sweet dog was rescued from a farmer's ranch in Mexico after she got lost on a neighboring ranch. 

The ranch owner swung a machedi at her and clipped her tail, and when she escaped back to her home, the owner could not afford to help her, so he turned her over to the rescue service where a wonderful couple adopted her. Now she's safe and happy, sniffing all the excitement of the Litte Italy Mercato.  Here are a couple other pups from last weekend.

There's also a mercato booth called Handmade Green for dogs, and Julie makes some really cute stuff for the pooches.  

These are the recycled cotton collars, not to mention she makes hemp collars and velvet collars too.
Other than that, Julie has vintage feeders and many other cool things for pups.  

When you are walking through the Little Italy Mercato next time, stop by and say hi to Julie too!

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