Thursday, February 27, 2014

Glitzy Gypsy

 Good-bye winter gray! Springtime is on the way, and we are day dreaming in color.
Sunlight is sparkling off golden hammered hoops and colorful crystal clusters.
We are still wearing our boots, but instead of jeans and a sweater,
we're workin' a floral skirt and bright chiffon with all our LilyGirl goodness.

This shoot happened in Marin with the assistance of my best friend Jane.  She's a PotteryBarn and freelance stylist who pulled these lovelies, Alexia and Emma, to come join us for a day of dress up and jewelry play!  
 Thank you all, including Mike, who hosted us and ended up directing a little too!
All necklaces in this post can be found  here, on our website.
My most favorite Mystic Cuff is here,
Thanks for stopping by!

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