Friday, November 8, 2013

The Sun is In Our Hearts

Indian Summer is just a given where we live.  In fact, we count on it.  
It is a most beautiful and inspiring time of year.  
The weather becomes summer-like, without the crowds and chaos of summer. 

 We enjoy brilliant blue skies, warm sunny days, and cool clear nights with lots of stars.  
You really must take a moment (or two, or three, or fifty!) to enjoy it, because it is so sparkling
and special, and it could change any day.  

It has inspired a special collection at LilyGirl, in celebration...
and to commemorate the glow of the times here.  
Turquoise ocean shimmering in the sun, our native heritage of coastal tribes
who relied on this season for their harvest, and the surf..well, around here they call it EPIC.

Thanks for visiting us...and as the postcards say..."Wish you were here!"
<<<..see the collection..>>>

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