Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Starlight Star Bright

Sunlight sparkling off the ocean (or a snowy peak), tinsel, and glitter; 
dressing up for holiday parties and celebrations; 
gift giving (and receiving); 
and a yen for pastels...
...have us inspired right now.  
All this inspiration is coming together 
in our Starlet Collection of jewelry 
debuting next month.  

We can't wait to show you a little of what we are so giddy about, 
so we just have to let you in on some of the things 
that have been fueling our creative fires lately.
 {yummy Capri Blue candle from Anthropologie}

{Super cute sweater from Van De Vort, Del Mar}
{sweet table styling by Jane Hartmann}

{Sequined bolero, vintage.  Fringe dress by Free People}
{Long sequined skirt from Anthropologie}

 {Art journal page by Juicy*S}

{i dream of being a STARLET.  singing karaoke,
hoping to be discovered.
i am a rising star,
dreaming of fame and fortune.
i am young,
i am captivating,
i shine.
i'm a Beautiful Dreamer.
when i wake, i will decide
to be the STARof my own life.
Rise and Shine!}

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