Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Friendship 4 Packs

New hand-crocheted friendship four packs are now online at
 They can be worn all together as a stack, or give them up to three of your friends and you'll all have one! Each has an adjustable knot closure and can be slipped on with ease.  

Forest Fairies: Bracelets in earthy shades of teal, wine, gray, mauve, brown, and green.

Beach Bums: Bracelets in beachy colors: predominantly sand and tan, with touches of aqua, pink, rust and gold. 

Playful Four: Bracelets in bright colors of periwinkle, magenta, rose, coral, orange, green and a little yellow.

Earthy Spirits: Bracelets in shades of blue, wine, rust, teal and green.

Ya-Ya Sisters: Bracelets in many shades of blue and black.

 Flower Girls: Bracelets in bright colors: variegated blue, aqua, pink, or purple, each has flecks of gold.

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