Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Swell

{LilyGirl Summer Wrist Armour} 
 {Free People Washed Ashore Looks}
 {LilyGirl Turquoise Rings}
{LilyGirl Treasure Necklace} 
 {Spell & the Gypsy Designs}
 {LilyGirl Beachcomber Bracelet}
 {LilyGirl Found Treasures Necklace}
In the heart of the sun is summer, my favorite season. I'm inspired by the natural elements from earth and sea. Turquoise, feathers, and shimmery gold sunset tones talk to me. Moonstones and seashells are found treasures, while walks on the beach bring starfish and sandy feet.   The Beachcomber Bracelets, above, are just the beginning.  The new Summer Swell collection is on the horizon and will be available online soon! 
LilyGirl jewelry photos by Lori Roark, all other inspiration photos via various pinterest boards we follow. 

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