Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Make a Wish

Sometimes inspiration is right in front of you.  When you least expect it, as you are searching all over for something that will help you get on a creative roll, it just hits you.  My latest inspiration was not planned and came to me through my own photography.  A self portrait on New Year's Eve made me realize you don't always have to be looking at the camera or even have your eyes open to look pretty!   I then remembered a few more "eyes shut" pictures and I started collecting these images from my photo archives.   As I did this, I was making an eclectic and somewhat random set of earrings where no two were alike, but they were all unique and beautiful.  Much like the pretties in these photos.  I began to realize the joy I get from taking pictures and capturing moments like these and I decided to share this feeling, by making these photos the newest hang tags for this latest earring collection. 

Close your eyes, make a wish and enjoy this new whimsical collection of earrings, inspired by YOU!
See the whole collection here.

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