Thursday, February 28, 2013

Calling Free Spirits

Do you wanna have some photo shoot fun? 
We're looking for a girl or two to show off our latest collection,

What:  Chasing Rainbow Girl Call
When:  Saturday * March 2nd * 12:30-2:30
Where:  Downtown San Diego, Little Italy Mercato
Corner of State & Date
(the LilyGirl Jewelry booth)

Inspired by love, luck and rainbows, the jewelry is loaded with color. 

Can you see yourself (and maybe a friend) draped in cascading beaded necklaces, prismatic colored wrist wraps and lots of charmed up bracelets and pendants?  If this look speaks to your spirit
and you'd like to show us, meet us on the street for this Saturday's Little Italy Mercato
Our jewelry booth is on the corner of State & Date and you can come anytime between 12:30-2:30.  
It'll take 15 minutes or so to get to know you and snap a few practice shots.  
We'll let you know later if you've got the Chasing Rainbow girl vibe!
If we choose you, the photo shoot, snapped by yours truly NEXT WEEK, will take place in Cardiff,
in an cute dirt alley with lots of character.  We'll have plenty of props like over sized dream catchers, colorful umbrellas, and even a bicycle!  We will style you with clothing, hair and makeup and adorn you with our jewels.  Total time is estimated to be about 2 hours. 
In return, you will receive FREE LilyGirl Jewelry, amount to be determined and agreed upon prior to shoot. And, at least 10 quality photos of you as the artsy Chasing Rainbow free-spirit-girl!
How lucky! Your photos may be featured in the marketing of this collection,
including emails, Facebook, blog posts and on the LilyGirl website.

What:  Chasing Rainbow Girl Call
When:  Saturday * March 2nd * 12:30-2:30
Where:  Downtown San Diego, Little Italy Mercato
Corner of State & Date
(the LilyGirl Jewelry booth)

We hope this calling is intriguing and inspires you to let us see your shine!
Further inquiries can be made by emailing me, Lori at


  1. I adore your jewelry! It just screams "CREATIVITY" and "BEAUTIFUL"!
    Just had to tell you.

    1. thanks judy! appreciate you telling me. i have lots of fun!


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