Friday, September 28, 2012

DIY: Fun Flags


A Divine Spirit Friday creation!
1.  Gather up a couple rad art chicks that have sewing machines. 
They love carrying them around all styled out in their sleek cases.
They are bound to have some fabric swatches too!
2.  Stamp, paint and decorate a plain piece of fabric with a letter or word.
3.  Cut to desired size using pink pinking sheers, please.
4.  Ensure your wine glass and beer bottle are full
and on the table with the sewing machines at all times, they will play a vital roll.
5.  Lay the letters/word and sew onto pattern swatches.
6.  Sew swatches onto a long piece of thin fabric to create a banner, or single flag.
7.  Have fun, enjoy the process.  
It's all about the collaboration and the moment you share
with friends doing something you love!


  1. LOve loVE lOvE this.....and you two, too!!!!!


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