Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dancing Arrows

Earlier this year I started making some art-piece necklaces using a mix of leather, mom's crochet, silk ribbon, stones, brass beads, wire and crystals.  One at a time, I sat down not knowing the end result until the end came!  Just being in the moment, designing each part, one step at a time.  Late in the afternoon with a glass of wine, or in the early morning light with Lily looking on.  Some simple, some full of life.  No drawings or pre-conceived design idea.  It has been so rewarding to sell these one-of-a-kind "dancing arrow necklaces" to those of you who are drawn to them!  It's become something I crave, and dream about.  What will the next one look like?


  1. ooh, i love the one that looks like gold and shell? (4th from the bottom)

  2. aka....MASTERPIECES! They are breathtaking!


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