Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wrap It Up-Contest

Wrist wraps are so much fun to make!
We've got all the "goods" every Saturday at the Little Italy Mercato.
Start by choosing a hand-dyed silk ribbon.
I know, this is not the easiest task, but if you ask real nice-like, I will help you, :).
Then find your favorite charm.
Gold, silver or bronze?
Add a bead, or keep it simple? 
Hmmmm, just play a bit, you'll figure out what you like best.
And then, let me try it on you...tada!  Cute huh?
Stacking is a trend that I am loving!
Our wrist wraps add an interesting texture,
color and personal touch to your collection.
Come on, make one already!
Leather wrist wraps can also be worn as a headband!
Stack em' up!
Mom's crocheted ribbon wrist wraps are multi-colored
and also hold charms and beads.
A tiny gold buddha is my daily reminder
to try and live an enlightened life with a peaceful mind.

My wrist wrap fave???
Layer a crystal & leather wrist wrap on top of a multi-toned silk ribbon. 
How do you wear your LilyGirl wrap?
Post a picture on facebook...
we're having a contest!
Most votes wins this combination above! 
(leather wrist wrap AND a ribbon wrist wrap, a $50 value)
Entry deadline:  Thursday, January 26th.

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