Wednesday, December 21, 2011

DIY: Dream Catchers

Colorful and playful, these do-it-yourself
dream catchers
can fill an evening with artful joy! 
According to Native Americans, dreams we have are sent to us by sacred spirits.
The dream catcher acts as a filter for only good dreams!
The web traps the bad dreams and they disappear at dawn.
When you Google "dream catcher" you can see over 4 million images,
go ahead and get some inspiration
and let your free spirit create an original work of art!

You will need:  feathers. feathers. feathers.

Assorted pipe cleaners of all colors and sizes.


16 gauge craft or floral wire.

A pair of needle nose pliers.

Make a hoop with the wire and secure with two interlocking loops. 
Using the pipe cleaners, start making a web. 
Don't be too fussy with balance or symmetry...can you do that?
Remember be free!

I happen to have a blue and green theme going on.  But the next one i make will be multi-colored. 
You know pipe cleaners also make super cute garland...(sorry, got a little distracted)

Back to the task at hand.

Keep webbing, until you are satisfied that your bad dreams will be trapped successfully.  :)

Now it's time for the feathers.
Watch out, once the feather bag is opened, little floaty feather whispies, fly every where.
Attach a pipe cleaner to the center of the base of the circle like so. 
Then wrap it around the feathers, no pliers needed!

And...done!  Oh ya, I used the yarn to hang it from, but you can also web with the yarn.
Have fun and keep dreaming...
xoxo Lori

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  1. This is a super cute post and I will share it with everyone I know who might want to make a dream catcher! Who knows...maybe it will go viral! XO


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