Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gifts by Style

"One of my favorite things about owning my business, is that I can create beautiful pieces of jewelry that will appeal to many different personal styles, even my own."  Meet Denise, LilyGirl sister, designer and owner.

My design process usually begins with, "What would I wear?  What colors do I feel best in?  Is is hip and cool?"

I tend to feel most comfortable in earthy elements.  I am a nature girl at heart and the mountain woman in me loves wood, feathers, leather and natural stones.  From there, I consider what to design based on others' personal style.  From styles influenced by the beach, the yoga studio, the garden, nature, and night life, designing jewelry is very exciting!

This year's holiday gift-giving products, Gifts by Style, were designed with a variety of styles inspired by YOU, our LilyGirl friends! We are proud and pleased to present you our latest project.  Smile when you see something you are showing your style!

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