Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chakra Talk

Got together with JuicyS (Sarah) today, to talk chakras.

First things first.  Simply define Chakra.
A Sanskrit word meaning “wheel of light”.
There are seven of these energy centers
that lie along the nave of the spine.

The highest chakra is CROWN.
Located at the top and center of the head.

Its color is usually purple.
Sarah is one of the Divine Spirit artists and she is creating
a collection of healing chakra alters that will feature
an original painting of a meditative mandala symbol.
Each Chakra has its own purpose, location, and color.
We are loving all the colors and we're creating
a collection of "seven chakra" necklaces that include every one!

The rest of the chakra colors and locations...
Third Eye - Indigo
Throat - Aqua
Heart - Green
Navel - Yellow
Sacral - Orange
Root - Red

We've also made a few necklaces for each individual chakra.

Sarah is also creating a life size illustration of our Warrior Princess...
(you'll be able to meet her at the release June 26th!)

She will adorn the chakra energy flow symbol,  
and be part of the packaging for this collection.

Come see all the chakra jewelry, art and more...
June 26th 
We hope you will join us for a beautiful evening.

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  1. WOW--beautiful! i can't wait to see more!


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