Friday, April 22, 2011

Free Flying

Be free to be. 
One of my favorite symbols of spring has always been the butterfly.
From caterpillar to a full-color winged beauty,
the butterfly symbolizes change or transformation.
These vintage beauties are from my mother-in-law's sweet collection.

In ancient Greek, the word for butterfly is "psyche"
which translated means "soul". 

Its connection with the soul is rather fitting.
We are all on a long journey of the soul. 

Throughout our lives we are given many opportunities
for such change or transformation.

Random sights of butterflies in the spring,
remind me that it is our responsibility to accept changes
that may occur and emerge from our transitions
as beautifully as the butterfly.

She is free to be...

Written by my sister with the beautiful soul.
Thank you Denise, for teaching me.


  1. Beautiful, thanks for sharing Denise!

  2. What a fantastic post!!

    Got you on my roll now!! xo


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