Monday, February 28, 2011

Meditative Mandalas

The word Mandala finds its roots in the old Indian language of Sanskrit and loosely translated it means "Circle"...and a circle suggests wholeness, unity and eternity.
Our recent interest in mandalas was sparked by a friend, who we like to refer as our sister-artist-friend, SARAH. She likes to call it doodling...but as you see below, it's more than just an unfocused drawing made during a long telephone conversation.
Since then we've been seeing mandalas in everything, and have begun embracing this new love as an opportunity to rejuvenate the center within ourselves and to unite with other artists.
They can be beautiful works of art. Coloring a mandala yourself can be meditative and calming, and an exercise that brings you into the moment.
My first one was made with steel wire.  I made individual wire designs and layed them onto a white board.  I think there are 45 pieces here.  How will I attach them?  Hmmmmm.

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  1. The first time I ever heard of a mandala was about 5 years ago when I was in therapy for some issues.. my therapists told me to try to color them and use them to de-stress.

    Then while I was pregnant this year wondering if I was going to have the boy I've always wanted, I realized that it would be so nice to have a girl to sit and color mandalas with, and it was the first time the thought of a little girl made me happy. Ever since that day I had girl stuck in my mind, good thing too!


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