Monday, November 22, 2010

Little LIL

Had a really fun photo shoot with my best little-girl-friend, AVERY.  She lives next door and we've become good friends.  She'll come over just to hang out and see what I'm doing.  We make cookies, swing on the old wood swing out front and she loves to learn about yoga and meditation!  She's seven.  So when I needed to get a few shots of our new Little LilyGirl Collection, "Little LIL", I went next door, we picked some clothes, and...instant model!

My favorite is the Little Celebration Necklace.  Great for a mom-n-me gift! Every piece comes in a sweetly decorated little gift box too. 

There are 5 word choices for this Words To Live By wrist wrap.  Dream, Love, Believe, Peace and Laugh.  And ribbon color can be specified too!

Somehow this one didn't make the website, the Pretty Cross Necklace just needed a prettier face!  (of course there was some silliness too! )

I love you keep me laughing and remembering to celebrate the little things in life.   xoxo, Lori

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