Thursday, September 2, 2010

Natural Stone Season

These stones remind us of some river rocks found by our cousin in Montana.  They are smooth and unique in shape.  But guess what else is special about them? They are actually petrified wood!  The Greek root petro means "rock" or "stone", literally "wood turned into stone".

So we had to purchase these amazing natural stones and are really excited to work with them.

Shown below are the purples/plums/teals/olives that we are calling our Peacock Collection.  Fancy Jasper is known to intensify and lighten the feeling of well-being.  African Jade is considered a gemstone of general healing and for improving relaxation. Malachite creates calm and peace, and aids one's sleep.  

Oh yes, all the stones have general healing properties! Which one are you in need of?

The rich earthy tones of Leopard Skin Agate and Bronzite will be seen throughout our upcoming fall collection. 

But this teardrop pendant Chrysocolla could be our favorite! This is considered "the wise stone".

It's going to be a good season...

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