Thursday, September 16, 2010

In the Studio: Artful Copper

Working away on a new Copper Wire Collection. There is something about just using your hands and a pair of pliers to shape and form and twist and curl...getting back to our wire sculpting roots! We love this.

The inspiration piece was this all-wire pendant below that we had a hard time naming!  What does it look like to you?  We called it "Copper Fringed Pendant".

A new love bracelet is on the table...well actually it is on my wrist right now.  I'm getting a feel for how it wears.  So far, pretty comfortable and it's staying in place too!

We added some of our new stones into the mix...this one is an "Agate Pendant".

And a new "Love Necklace" too, with a heart shaped stone.

The little pendant collection we ended up with looks pretty good.  But for now, these are all one-of-a-kind, so go online NOW and check it out!

We're gonna keep working on the bracelets...some bangles perhaps?

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