Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mercato Moment: LilyGirl goes to Switzerland

This is me and Silke. She adoringly shopped my jewelry table at the Little Italy Mercato on Saturday.

A Wrist Wrap and a Love Necklace are going home with her to Switzerland. 

Which Love Necklace would you pick?

Lower case or upper case "L"
Heart shaped "O" or regular
Gold or Sterling?


  1. i like the lower case L/heart O/gold combo!

  2. I like the lower case love with the circle o in silver! Wait, no, I like the upper case love because of the swooshie L, (kinda reminds me of my name) in silver. Really, I love all of them! Oh this isn't fair you guys. You make such beautiful jewelry. :)

  3. I like the lower case "L" and the heart shaped "o". As far as color i like both the silver and the gold.. depending on what I am wearing. I already own a few of your silver.. so maybe the gold???? hmmmm Tracy Nicotera

  4. Oh boy. I made a big mistake in finding this blog. I adore these! ...Would it be corny to say that I love them? I think the one that really catches my eye (and heart? haha, ok enough of that), is the upper case 'L'.
    Jewellery-Ogling Ophelia


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