Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mercato Moment: Happy Dogs

This sweet dog was rescued from a farmer's ranch in Mexico after she got lost on a neighboring ranch. 

The ranch owner swung a machedi at her and clipped her tail, and when she escaped back to her home, the owner could not afford to help her, so he turned her over to the rescue service where a wonderful couple adopted her. Now she's safe and happy, sniffing all the excitement of the Litte Italy Mercato.  Here are a couple other pups from last weekend.

There's also a mercato booth called Handmade Green for dogs, and Julie makes some really cute stuff for the pooches.  

These are the recycled cotton collars, not to mention she makes hemp collars and velvet collars too.
Other than that, Julie has vintage feeders and many other cool things for pups.  

When you are walking through the Little Italy Mercato next time, stop by and say hi to Julie too!

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