Monday, July 12, 2010

Artful Wedding

Denise and I attended a wedding on Saturday...our beloved Tracy, who helps us manage our online marketing, blogging, face booking and more, married her sweet Luke.  It was held on a beautiful grassy greenbelt, looking out onto a lake.  

So many handmade touches.  Her mom Marie, made her redesigning her own and incorporating some of her mom's!  She blogs about this and her experience attempting to tackle Luke's vest too.

The girls wore custom LilyGirl wire initial and flower pendants, of course!
AND...Tracy wore cute lime green sandals and hot pink toes!

The head table.  Hand painted rocks!

Tracy and Luke, we wish you a long happy life together, and may you always love and cherish special moments with family and friends.  Thank you for sharing the beginning of your journey with us! XOXO

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