Monday, June 7, 2010

Mercato Moment

Every Saturday, I set up a table full of jewelry in front of this old downtown San Diego's Little Italy.  It's called the Mercato!  And every Saturday I meet someone special.   

This week, I met two women who were in town to participate in the Rock n Roll Marathon.  They stopped-looked-touched-adored and finally fell in love...I was especially touched as the pieces my new friend Denise picked are from our new "earthy elements" collection.
The girls came back after circling the market to tell me something.  "Your jewelry was clearly made with love and passion and we just wanted to let you know...the energy is so positive!"   It touched my heart...thank you for recognizing that we love what we do! 

The 5 necklaces pictured below have all been sold!  Should we make another round?

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