Saturday, March 20, 2010

Party Talk

So.  The scoop on the SWAP is...we are providing an opportunity for you to bring your less worn, still in good condition LilyGirl jewelry to this party and make deals with other guests!  Are you a LilyGirl Jewelry Junkie?  There are lots of you out there...we've been doing this-Home Jewelry Party- thing for six years!  If you are one of them, take a look at your jewelry box and bring something to swap and something to rejuvinate! 

New to LilyGirl?  You don't have to BYOJ, just come and see our new Spring Line and have a peek at our Summer Hot Color Collection!  We'll have our usual, deals, raffles, prizes, drinks and fun!

So.  About the REJUVINATION...most services will be complimentary and done on the spot.  Like Cleaning-hand polishing, magic solution dip and tumbling.  And Maintenance-wire reshaping, knot detangling, bead rewiring, hook/rhinestone replacement.  And Repair-simple repairs requiring little work or basic tools.  And then there's the Re-design Room-where you can view our design books and layout a new look for your tired LilyGirl piece!

There will be limits on the amount of jewelry we will be able to work on that evening and at no cost.  There may be nominal fees for excessive amounts of rejuvination!  Broken or damaged items, and re-design work that will need more attention or materials will be given an estimate and done later at our studio.  OK?


  1. oh my gosh i am so excited for this, what a great idea! and your new stuff looks typically fresh and cute! can you replace a gold earwire that got bent up?

  2. The new header looks way better.

  3. yes, bring the pair of earrings so we can make you a new earwire to match the one you still have! thanks, lori

  4. will you be selling jewelry at this party?

  5. YES, our spring collection AND the beginning of our hot summer line...using antique gold and bright colors and a brand new look!


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