Saturday, February 27, 2010

Spring Blooms

As most of you know, we are always designing jewelry in the moment of the season.  Our Spring Collection is no exception.  We look at the calender and say, ok, the first day of Spring is March 20th....and our deadline is set.  We are super excited about this first round of blooming jewelry! 

Relying on our unique ability to curl and shape wire, we are in the midst of designing pretty wildflowers, organic leaf shapes and free flying butterfly pendants.  

We love using happy colors like petal pink, orange apricot, grass green and our ever favorite aqua blue.  These new handcut leather flowers are making us clap like little girls.  I actually jumped up and down when we finished this mock-lariat style using one as a focal point!     

Our plans are to have these beauties available to you, oh, March 20th?  K, gotta go now... 
Happy Spring!

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