Friday, January 15, 2010

Who You Callin Jewelry Junkie?

I don't know, how did I get this much jewelry?  It's pouring out every drawer, cupboard, box, bowl and basket I own!  Really.  How did I aquire it all?  I have a goal to get it organized so I can carefully select which exact piece or ensemble will coordinate with my daily look!  How?  I know when I sit down with a glass of wine to tackle this monster I will go down a very emotionally drawn out memory lane of girls getaways, special occasions, thrift shop and garage sale tripping, and probably end up puting it all back in neatly organized piles and be done!  Oh well, I'll let you know how I do. 

Does everybody have a tray like this?

or a wall they just nailed into for a handy bracelet holder?

A candle holder atop your dresser to keep your beloved earrings visible?

and the ring situation?


  1. ok jewelry junkie bitch...I spy some of MY jewelry in that pile...just kidding, I have the same situation, especially the rings!!!

    Maybe now is the time to plan that Jewelry SWAP party!

  2. ding dang Lori... I thought I was bad. I think I have way less than you at this point. Let me know how that works out for you. xox

  3. I will take a photo of MY "situation" to send to you! Not a junkie, exactly...just a girl you appreciates how the perfect accessory can make the outfit....or how the perfect accessory can help you put your perfect outfit together, as I often dress according to my jewelry instead of the other way around...maybe I'm a junkie after all! Love you!

  4. A jewelry swap party is a GREAT idea!!!!!!!!! Do it please!!!


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