Friday, November 13, 2009

Mercato Days

Every Saturday morning I'm up and out the door, early.  My car is loaded with tables, artful displays, jewelry and hot coffee.  As I pull up to my faithful spot on Date Street in San Diego's Little Italy, I am welcomed by my market family, smiling and waving me in.  After more than a year of practice, set up has become like an art project.  Creating a unique table full of our hand made jewelry is rewarding and does not go unnoticed.  My local LilyGirl regulars look forward to new pieces and fresh displays weekly. 

As the comforting sound of the corner church bell strikes 9am, I can usually be found plopped in my chair taking part in my first ritual...Montana's Coffee Cake from my neighbors and dear friends Donna & Jo.  They are always tempting me with new savories, lemon bars, chocolate cheescake brownies and such.  Their newest...a slice of coconut cream pie!  They are taking orders for the holiday PIES...pumpkin, apple, and pecan, oh my.

Within the next few hours I'll see my dog friends too.  There's a grass dog park at the end of the street so the market has many unusual breeds and  funny puppies too.  They make their usual stop along they way to play.  Julia at The New Green, makes unique dog collars and custom tags.  She also creates food & water dishes out of old wood crates, Lily is getting one for christmas!

"My name is Lori, my dog is Lily" has to be explained to curious customers all day long!

 I'll show off the rounder of colorful silk ribbons to every approaching admirer and demonstrate the use of them around my own neck through out the day.   Hopefully, I'll have a friend or two come down to check it out and say hello!

My life has changed because of this weekly experience.  It has kept me in on Friday nights, connected me with hundreds of new LilyGirl fans, created many special friendships and turned me on to really good olive oil!

Its way more than a farmer's market, you've got to check it out!  And if you've read this whole story, mention it when visiting me and I'll give you 20% off your entire purchase.  See you soon, Lori


  1. Denise Haynes-Port13 November, 2009

    I, too, have grown to love Little Italy Farmer's Market! I'm glad I got to become
    one of the "family".

  2. It is a fun experience, Lori... and I am happy that you enjoy it! I can't wait to come down again. xo


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