Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hot Night in Leucadia

As you know, every Friday at "it's a luv thing" boutique there is a happy hour! Last Friday was no exception, as we celebrated with a very special 4 year anniversary party...
The complimentary foot scrubs from The Garden Spa were well received of course. To have a glass of wine in hand while soaking our feet was quite the royal treatment. It was a good reminder to relax more often and do something nice for yourself. What a great way to start the weekend! Lori sold her heart charms (pictured below in the previous blog) and helped spread the love!
All in all it was one of those great evenings that make you pause and realize you live in a beautiful city filled with beautiful souls. I know in our hectic lives it's hard to just stop running and smell the roses. Sometimes though, the roses will come running to you. When that happens, I just try to revel in the feeling before it passes me by.
Join us next time we have a get together! If you want to be added to our email list of events, let us know. And remember ladies... It's a Luv Thing.

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