Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall's in Fashion

We asked some of our local customers what they like about fall here in Southern California, and where they might go to see some fall colors.  Here are some of their responses!

"Fall is my favorite time of year, because it gets cold and crisp outside and I can wear all my amazing winter clothes!!! and I love drinking hot cocoa on the beach! and it's cuddle weather!!!!"

"I bet the area in and around Balboa Park is very pretty right now - I would like to drive south through the park on 163 and check it out soon. Before the Santa Ana's come and all the leaves are gone... And...I almost forgot! One of my favorite things about fall is Pumpkin Ice Cream. I remember it from when I first had it at Coco's in Costa Mesa around the time I got married 30 years ago."

"I love the fall season because it cools down and after hot summers!!!!! and because of Halloween and Thanksgiving my two favorite holidays ever!!!!! Favorite spot to go to is Bates Nut Farm for pumpking picking with the kiddies!!!!!"

"It does make me feel warm and cozy. I love going to a coffee shop and getting hot coco and pumpkin bread! Its fun when all the pumpkin patches start to pop up and you see some of the trees changing. And Octoberfest is always a fun way to kick-start fall!"

"I think I like fall because it IS such a slow, subtle change, that it makes me slow down and take notice. A few intermingled orange leaved trees amongst the palms or evergreens.. it makes me nostalgic for where I grew up, because all the trees were sycamores that turned drastically before they dropped their coats."

"Fall is my favorite time of year because I can finally pull up my comforter without sweating profusely all night. It's the season when I can enjoy shopping.. for a full suit. I enjoy the trees changing color, the cold water and the big north swells that fall brings too. This time of year reminds of being a kid again, and bundling up in a towel and running to the beach freezing cold. But, I love fall most of all because its the season I was born :)"


"I love fall because it's not as hot but dry and my hair loves it."

"Pumpkin Pie shakes from J in the B."

Well, as we wait for the real deal to hit down here in So Cal, these quotes help me get excited to bring out my fall hats and scarves!

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