Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A peek at our Summer Fun Jewelry Collection

Shell Art Pendants can be worn on leather, silk ribbon, a sterling chain, or a string of colorful beads. Just another addition to our Jewelry Bar...interchangeable necklaces, pendants and stones that you put together!


  1. Awesome..! That is really a fun jewelry summer collection. Cool design. :-)

  2. A big "thank you" to our customer/hostess, Mary Tennant, who called on Friday. She loved the new shell pendants so much, she ordered ALL 3 black/white florals!! No worries if you had your eye on one of them, there are many more cute ones to choose from. See you at the party next week.

  3. I loved seeing LilyGirl at the Mercado in Little Italy! The jewelry bar is such a great idea!


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